Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Xcode Tip: Screenshot for iOS/tvOS device/simulator

To capture the screen of an iPhone/iPad/Apple TV connected to a Mac or the screen of the iOS/tvOS simulator, try the following instructions:

iOS/tvOS Device

Method 1

Select Xcode -> Debug -> View Debugging -> Take Screenshot of (device name)

Method 2

Select Xcode -> Window -> Devices

Select your device -> Take Screenshot

A screenshot PNG file will be stored to the desktop.

iOS/tvOS Simulator

Select Simulator -> File -> Save Screen Shot

or hold these two keys: [Command] + [S]

A screenshot PNG file will also be stored to the desktop.


iOS/tvOS Device without a Mac

If you want to make a screen capture of an iPhone/iPad without connecting to a Mac, hold the [Sleep/Wake (Power)] button and press and release the [Home] button.

An image of the device screen will be saved in Photos app.

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