Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Mac Technique: How to install Windows Support Software without Boot Camp icon in Windows 10

Recently I upgraded the OS of a MacBook Pro to macOS Sierra 10.12.1 and then install Windows 10 with Boot Camp Assistant (Applications->Utilities->Boot Camp Assistant). Windows was easily installed, but not the Windows drivers for Mac.

The "Open Boot Camp Help" option in macOS's Boot Camp Assistant says that Boot Camp icon/Boot Camp Control Panel is required for the configuration of hardware in Windows:

Unfortunately, I couldn't to find the Boot Camp icon/Boot Camp Control Panel in Windows. Without proper drivers installed in Win 10, the Wi-Fi function did not work. This is a really big problem!!

After searching for the solution for a couple of days, I found this:

No option to download windows support software for Bootcamp Assistant

So I followed it to select Boot Camp Assistant->Action->Download Windows support software:

It takes a while for the download.

I store the Windows Support Software in a USB drive.

After booting in Windows, I simply select the Windows Support Software at USBDrive\WindowSupport\BootCamp\Setup and the drivers are then successfully installed. The Wi-Fi function then works normally.

The Apple Software Update also shows up automatically after installing the Windows drivers and rebooting Windows.

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